Gopi and Kokila attempt to get justice for Meera


Dharam is unconscious. He does not know what’s happening around him. Gaura is shifting Dharam. Gopi and Kokila want to take Dharam. Gaura kidnaps Dharam from Gopi’s truck. Kokila asks Gopi to drive truck fast. Gaura has taken all the evidence and went away with Dharam. Later on, Modi family stop the goons and take over Dharam again. Kokila starts beating the goons by her power. Gopi, Kokila, Ahem and Jigar deal with the goons to teach them a lesson. Ahem takes unconscious Dharam to the court. Its about Meera’s life and death.

Meera is waiting in court to get justice. The court has the final hearing, and Kokila tells the family that they have to reach court soon. Kokila and everyone dress in black clothes to cut the darkness from Meera’s life. Ahem fights with the goons, who try to stop him from taking Dharam. Kokila and Gopi drive the scooty and take Dharam with them to the court.

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