Raman-Ruhaan-Ishita’s unfamiliar union next…

yeh hai mohab12121

Raman and Ishita miss to see each other, while they get together to help Ruhaan in the medical emergency. Shagun and Ishita too land in same restaurant, but do not come face to face. Raman and Ishita feel some connection with Ruhaan. Raman meets rockstar Ruhaan, and does not know Ruhaan is Ruhi. This is the first time Raman and Ruhi met properly, and share a talk post leap. Ruhaan does not show her identity. Ruhaan has lots of emotions in heart. Ruhaan can’t say her identity and can’t hug Raman. Ruhaan wants to hug Raman, but recalls the old moments. Ruhaan hates Raman and Ishita and controls emotions. Ruhaan gives the autograph and takes time to think over Raman’s contract.

Raman says Pihu is Ruhaan’s fan, and asks for Ruhaan’s autograph for Pihu. Ruhaan has family infront and does not say anything. Raman wants to sign contract with Ruhaan to make him brand ambassador of his company. Even Ishita wants Ruhaan to become brand ambassador of Mani’s company. Mani sees Raman in Australia and does not wish Raman and Ishita to meet. Ishita would be going to India to meet her family. There will be plane hijack track next, where Raman and Ishita will finally meet. Keep reading.

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