Sandhya to expose Purushottam’s crimes in Diya Aur Baati Hum


Sandhya is at the same hospital where Arzoo is treated. Sandhya is there as per her plan to meet Arzoo, and stop the minister from brainwashing or hurting Arzoo. Sooraj and Sandhya make efforts to meet Arzoo, before media and police take Arzoo’s statement. Sandhya gets hit by the minister. She gets locked in storeroom. She is framed badly in the case by minister Purushottam. Sandhya finds a way to escape from the AC ducts. She will reach to save Arzoo. She has to clean the stain on her uniform and expose Purushottam. Purushottam tries to provoke Arzoo against Sandhya and handsover a gun to Arzoo, asking her to kill Sandhya. Sandhya reaches Arzoo in nick of the time. Sandhya will be succeeding in proving Purushottam’s crimes. The show will be heading for a revamp.

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