A couple of months back, the scrolling articles on Drashti Dhami’s comeback show filled every news portal on the net and beyond.I was apprehensive yet pretty excited about the same as I being an ardent fan of her shows especially her characters Geet Handa and Muskaan Chaddha.

When the promos about a love story in the pre-independence era and royalty were shown, I was almost thrilled.It brought be back to all those childhood tales about prince and princesses,the struggle for independence, etc.

When Siddhant Karnick was announced the main lead, my hopes went pretty up as I knew he was pretty much understated in his career actually. His roles in Pyaar Ki Ek Kahaani and Aasmaan se Aaage were pretty memorable.

But the whole package evolved to be just another daily soap. I truly understand the production houses are under the misconception that Supernatural tales and Spicy content like Infidelity attract the audience more and in the rat race for TRP, they lost out on the loyal audience.

I wanted this show to explore more about the British Era struggles, how the Royalty strived, how the common people struggled.etc etc and not another tale on usual hocus pocus.

Stellar performances by the cast were undermined by a foundation-less script. Actors like Surekha Sikhri and Anita Raj was gems in the production houses hands yet failed to achieve what the show actually aimed for.

After reading articles about the leads quitting the show, I’d definitely say that we all saw that coming, but not this soon. Wishing Drashti and Siddhant a very prosperous career ahead! Don’t let ETRETR slow your way.

TR would like to thank Sweta S for this input.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within this article solely reflect the views of the author. TellyReviews does not assume any liability for the same.

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