Highlight: Siya Ke Ram heading towards next major Adhyay


Surpanakha writes a letter to Sulochana, asking her to send royal jewelry. Meghnadh gets to know this and informs Raavan. He tells Raavan that Surpanakha asked for her jewelry to impress a hermit. He gets angered as Surpanakha is eyeing the hermit Ram, who is their enemy. Raavan tells Meghnadh that Surpanakha has always been crazy since her childhood and her decisions were random. Raavan decides to go to Panchwati and keep a close eye on Surpanakha’s activities. He wants to stop her from doing anything crazy again.

Surpanakha gives marriage proposal to Ram. Lakshman gets angry, tries to cut her nails, but gets her nose cut. Sita scolds Lakshman for insulting a woman. Sita raises objection to a woman’s humiliation. She tells Laxman that the outcome of insulting a woman will be harmful for them too. Surpanakha reaches Raavan with her nose cut. Raavan gets angry seeing her sister’s nose bleeding and cut. Raavan will be coming across Janak’s daughter Sita in Panchwati and decides to take revenge. Sita will be kidnapped by Raavan, and then Ram and Lakshman will go on a mission to search Sita.

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