Chandramani’s track towards end, New curse to affect Simar…


Chandramani fell short of her powers and goes towards the sky flying to get some powers from moonlight bath. Simar asks Chandramani about Mata ji. Simar has succeeded to get Prem and family back from Chandramani’s illusion world. Chandramani fools all of them and laughs. She is ready to trouble them again.

Simar has been bitten by a bee. Simar is cursed by Aghori Baba. His Tapasya gets ruined because of her. She gets the curse and turns into a honey bee. Mata ji’s memory has come back. Simar has given Agni pariksha to get good results. Mata ji is back in her old form. Chandramani has challenged Simar. She says she will marry Prem at any cost. Prem does not believe Simar and want Prem-Simar to get away.

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