TR’s Quick Reads



Raman argues with Mr. Bhalla and says he wants to marry Shagun for Pihu’s sake. He says Pihu regards Shagun as her mum, I don’t care what everyone says behind them.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki gets caught again when the culprit knows that Thapki has given wrong DVD to him. Dhruv comes there on time and saves Thapki. He beats the goons and they both run away from there.

Tashan E Ishq:

Twinkle is getting defamed b y some people taunting her. Kunj and Yuvi fight with the men and make them run away. Kunj supports Twinkle.


Sandhya has gone after the Takshak snake to kill him. She aims the gun at the snake. She wants to catch the snake, as its not an ordinary snake. She throws a cloth over the sanke and catches it. She wants to end people’s superstitions. She catches snake so that people get free of the Takshak snake. She has to find Dui Mukeshwari’s truth completely. There are many answers that Sandhya needs to find and prove the truth.


Fake Simar thinks just Prerna can keep the family united. Simar/bee goes to stop Prerna from drinking the poisonous milk. Chandramani knows Prerna can make her lose. She makes a plan to kill Prerna. Simar tries to warn Prerna. She falls in the milk, which makes Prerna throw the milk. Chandramani’s plan fails. Simar/bee troubles Chandramani and fake Simar. She fails all their plans after hearing their conversation. Chadramani gets a magical locket and will be catching Simar bee with it.


Gopi calls Ahem and worries for him. Ahem’s dead body reaches home, which shocks Gopi. She cries holding Ahem. Nazim’s character will be dying in the show, and Khalid Siddiqui will be entering the show as the new lead opposite Gopi.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi wakes up and goes to Pragya. He covers her with the blanket and says good night. Pragya greets him too and acts to be sleeping. Later, Tanu comes in their room and checks if they really slept. Tanu has become a thief and steals the locker keys from Pragya. She opens the locker and steals some cash from it. She then keeps back the keys with Pragya. There is romance between Pragya and Abhi.


Adarsh’s haldi rasam is done happily by all his family members. Manohar, Suhasini and everyone apply haldi to Adarsh.

May I Come In Madam:

Sanju is after Sanjana. He became Sajni just for Sanjana. Now he is trapped in his own plan, and shouts to tell Sanjana and Kashmira that he is just a man, there is no woman inside him. Chedilal asks Sanju to prove that he is a man. Sanju had to prove this and goes to tease Komal. Sanju acted as a woman and did many things to show his feminine side. Now Kashmira does not believe Sanju. Chedilal flirts with Sanju’s mum in law. Sanju becomes a joke infront of Kashmira and Sanjana.

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  1. hiiii
    there was one episode of YEH HAI AASHIQUI telecasted ON 16TH May 2016 at noon and 9pm also. casting name in show is YUVRAJ and KAVYA.

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