Much drama around Robot-bahu Rajni’s death


Rajni is assumed dead and is made to lie down on the arthi. Rajni is dressed up as the suhaagan. The family cries for Rajni’s death. Rajni is a robot, and none knows about her. Rajni’s battery gets down. Shaan is away and did not replace her battery. Rajni can’t do anything and is lifeless. Surili finds Rajni in her room, and assumes Rajni has died. The scene gets super hilarious as all the family members speak their true heart to Rajni. Surili goes close to Rajni’s funeral to speak her emotions. Rajni holds her hand and does not leave, which shocks Surili. Amrish cries realizing Rajni saved his family from breaking.

The family mourns and does arrangements of Rajni’s funeral. Shaan comes in nick of the time and replaces the battery, to give a new life to Rajni again. How will Shaan explain the situation to his family now? Keep reading.

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