Swara-Sanskar’s hate story begins in Swaragini


Swara has come back home. Ragini and Sumi hug her happily. Swara has come after a long time, Ragini and Swara united, there are many emotions and there is much things to talk about. There are tears in everyone’s eyes, but they are crying with happiness. Sahil has supported Swara for her happiness. Sahil has got her back as a true friend. Ragini had hope to see Swara back. Swara did not meet Sanskaar till now. She has forgot many things. Ragini has realized that something is wrong with Swara. There will be twist of Sahil’s entry in Swara and Sanskar’s love story. Swara will hate Sanskar and get attracted to Sahil. Swara just remembers that Sanskar shot the bullet, and forgets that Sanskar has shot to save her from Rajat. Swara will be finding her best support in Sahil, and gradually fall in love with him. Ragini decides to help Swara in getting her complete memory back.

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