Music to play cupid for Swara and Sahil


Sanskar throws flower petals on Swara and shows his face as he moves the bouquet. Swara shouts and says he had tried to kill her. She says you are a murderer. How dare you come her? She tells Sumi that he is her murderer and asks him to go away. Sanskar and Maheshwari family are shocked. Sahil supports Swara. Sanskar is left shocked and feels he has become criminal in her eyes. Sahil stands with Swara through out. Swara has a partial memory loss, and she will get closer to Sahil. She has forgotten Sanskar and their marriage. She just remembers her family. Sahil brings her fav music CDs for her and gifts her. Swara gets glad and thanks him. Music will play a big role in this love triangle. Sahil plays a good trick to win place in Swara’s heart. Sahil is trying to figure out about Swara’s family, who is right and who is wrong. Swara does the aarti and is back in her original avatar. She prays that she gets her memory back. Sumi sings a lullaby and makes Swara sleep.

One comment on “Music to play cupid for Swara and Sahil

  1. OMG….bechara sanskar….plz unite swasan soon…frankly speaking sahil is also not bad for joking

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