Twists around Ishita, Pihu and Ruhi get high…


Raman taunts Ishita. Raman has made Ishita cry, by making her stay away from Pihu. He tells bitter words to her. Raman has snatched a daughter from Ishita. Raman tells Ishita to stay away from Pihu and tells her that Shagun is Pihu’s mother, she has all rights on Pihu. Ruhi has saved Pihu and did a sister’s duty, but Pihu gets missing from the hospital. Raman panics and starts blaming Romi for it. Ishita asks him to shut up. They indulge in a heated argument. Raman and Ishita try to lower each other and the reason is Pihu. Ishita tells Raman that she has equal right on Pihu and she will remain her mum all her life. Ishita finds Pihu and takes her to Raman. Raman hugs her happily and emotionally. Mani gets angry at Raman and fights with him. Mani supports Ishita and defends her. Ishita intervenes to stop their fight. Pihu will unite her parents once she gets to know entire truth. Iyer and Bhallas are still at loggerheads. Pihu will soon get to know that Ishita is her real mother. Will Pihu stand against Ruhi’s bad intentions? Keep reading.

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