Raman-Shagun’s haldi to revive Ishita’s memories….

yeh hai mohab12121

Raman is crying a lot. He recalls Ishita and their marriage. His tears prove that he really loves Ishita, and is marrying Shagun in his anger. Raman’s haldi rasam is going to happen. He recalls the wedding rounds taken with Ishita. Raman is angry that Ishita is marrying Mani. Shagun is happy and ready to get haldi applied to her. Shagun does not expect anything from Raman, but wants to become his wife. Shagun fears of losing Raman, Pihu, Adi and all her rights on Bhalla family. Raman’s heart is not willing to marry Shagun. Shagun does all her preparations for marriage. Raman will not marry Shagun. There will be twist in marriage. Ishita and Shagun would both dress up as the brides and get willing to marry Raman. Ishita would be marrying Raman.

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