Highlight: Raman and Ishita’s Re-Mohabbatein

yeh hai3

Ishita stops Niddhi from beating Ruhi. She snatches hunter from Niddhi’s hand and starts beating her. Ruhi sees Ishita in durga maa avatar who has saved Ruhi. Ishita couldn’t see her daughter being beaten by Niddhi and gets angry. She asks how dare you touch my daughter. Niddhi screams. Ishita says I will break your hands. Ruhi tells Ishita that Niddhi have brought her up since 7 years and says she is my mum. She says who are you to come between us. Ishita leaves from there after asking Ruhi to take care.

Raman and Ishita’s Mohabbatein is starting again. Raman goes to talk to Ishita about Ruhi. Raman suddenly gets back ache and tries to hide his pain. Ishita understands Raman’s pain without the need of his expressing. Ishita gives him a back massage. His pain gets away by Ishita’s touch. Raman and Ishita share their feelings. Shagun comes there and gets upset seeing Raman and Ishita spending time. Mani also sees them and gets jealous. Shagun will turn against Ishita. Shagun wants to support Ishita, but she is confused. She feels everything belongs to her and Ishita is snatching her family. Shagun will be leaving for a holiday. Ishita asks Shagun not to worry for Bhalla family, as she will take care of them, but everything will remain Shagun’s. Ishita assures Shagun that she won’t claim any right on Raman, children and family.

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