Big twists in Chakor and Vivaan’s marriage


Tina is marrying Suraj. Chakor and Imli are in tension. Imli is pregnant with Suraj’s child. Imli is crying and in pain. Tina is also not happy with the marriage. Chakor sees Imli and Tina upset, and tells Tina that she will get Imli married to Suraj. She explains Tina about Imli’s unconditional love for Suraj. Tina also does not wish to marry Suraj and is helpless because of her dad. Chakor convinces Tina not to marry Suraj. Tina keeps a condition about marrying Vivaan, and asks Chakor to get away from Vivaan.

Suraj is getting married to Tina, but Imli has turned up as his bride. Suraj is forced to marry Imli, after Chakor convinces Tina to leave Suraj. Suraj is unhappy and plans something evil. Vivaan and Chakor are also getting married the same day. There will be big twists in the marriage. The grooms will be swapped at the nick of the moment, having dressed in same Sherwanis and Sehra. Chakor ends up marrying Suraj.

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