Neil and Roshni’s marriage preparations begin

jamai raja

Neil hugs Roshni. She gets uncomfortable and realizes she just loves Sid. Neil’s brother Ranjeet tries to misbehave with Roshni. Sid reaches there and saves Roshni. Sid beats up Ranjeet and sends him away. Sid and Roshni have a talk. Roshni was about to tell him everything, and gets interrupted by Neil’s call. She leaves in hurry and misses to tell her feelings to Sid. She then plans a surprise for Sid. Roshni confesses her feelings to Sid. She says I love you so much and shouts. She does not know Neil is behind her. Neil assumes Roshni loves him, and hugs her. Roshni gets shocked seeing him. Neil’s mum hears Roshni and thinks Roshni loves Neil, and its time that they should get married. Roshni and Neil’s marriage arrangements begin. Roshni has done all efforts for her love and expressed feelings to Sid. Roshni’s heart has broken again. There are four lives at stake right now. Sid’s mum is responsible for all this, who has sent Neil to Roshni at that moment.

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