Bihaan to get tough competition by Gorilla’s craze


Gorilla is in love with Thapki. Gorilla gets hurt and Thapki ties her dupatta. Gorilla throws all the things around and she gets scared. She gets hurt. Gorilla takes care of her. Bihaan gets jealous seeing them. Gorilla’s affection makes her realize that he does not want to hurt her. Gorilla holds her hand and keeps on his head. She asks what shall I do. The scene gets funny, as Gorilla does not let anyone get close to Thapki. Suman and Preeti scream seeing the gorilla. Gorilla gets scared hearing the noise and gets irritated. He gets angry and jumps around. Thapki asks everyone to be quiet and calms Thapki by showing her pic in her phone. She silently rushes out of the room. Bihaan locks gorilla. Gorilla breaks the door and runs out. Bihaan makes Bau ji and others rush. The family runs leaving the house. Gorilla does not let Thapki go away. Bihaan has a tough time to convince Gorilla that Thapki is his wife, and will always be his life partner. Thapki and Bihaan would be sending back Gorilla to the zoo, after many chaos at home. Keep reading.

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