Ruhi’s birthday party turns tearful for Raman and Ishita


Raman helps Ishita in pinning the saree. Raman and Ishita’s romance started again. Raman gets hurt by the pin. Ishita cares for him. Pihu is bringing Ruhi close to family. On the other hand, Pihu hugs Shagun and cries. Pihu does not want to lose Shagun. Bhallas get ready to attend Ruhi’s birthday party, after Ruhi gets the invitation card for Pihu. Raman and his family reach Ruhi’s birthday party. Guards stop Bhallas as Raman did not get the invite along. Ashok comes and insults Raman. Guard pushes everyone outside. Ruhi comes and asks them to stop, she has invited Raman, Ishita and family. Raman and Ishita get happy seeing Ruhi welcoming them, but they did not imagine that Ruhi’s behavior will turn more bitter. Ruhi just invited Pihu and asked Raman to come if he wants. She was sure to behave badly with them.

Ishita knew Ruhi would not change so soon, but they all wanted to be present in her birthday. Ishita was mentally prepared for Ruhi’s reaction. Raman gifts the photo collage to Ruhi, having all her best childhood memories. Ruhi gets touched seeing it, but then her anger gets on her mind. She asks the waiter to take the collage board, he can use it to keep cold drinks on it. She throws Raman’s letter on the floor. Raman cries and everyone feels bad for him. Ruhi breaks Raman’s heart and hurts him. Niddhi provokes Ruhi against Raman and Ishita. Ishita consoles Raman. They both cry seeing their daughter’s hatred for them. Ishita is with Raman again just for Ruhi’s sake and history is repeating.

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