Sahil to expose Sanskar-Kissan’s truth in Swaragini


Sanskar as Kissan practice singing and dances with Swara. He tells her that he has to compete in IGT, and she helps him in his practice. She contributes her help. Sanskar dances weirdly and makes Swara laugh. Swara becomes her Guru and starts scolding him to get the best out of him. Kissan will win Swara’s heart and then reveal his identity of Sanskar. Sahil will become the new villain, after losing Swara to Sanskar.

Later, Swara is arrested for Sanskaar’s murder. Sanskar’s mum holds Swara’s neck and scolds her. She gets such proof that proves Swara is behind Sanskar’s death. Swara gets shocked and tells them that she did not do anything. Sahil got to know Kissan is Sanskar, so he did all this drama to expose Sanskar. Sahil tells Swara that Sanskar is Kissan. Sanskar tries to deny, but Sahil shows Kissan’s earring which Sanskar is wearing. Swara gets angry on Sanskar again.

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