Aryan and Aradhya to remarry with mutual consent


Aaba Sahab was shooting Aradhya and Kumudini comes to between. He gets to know that Aryan is not his grandson, and Aradhya is his grand daughter. Kumudini asks Pradhyumna to shoot Aradhya, she is your granddaughter who got raised in my house. Pradhyumna gets shocked knowing how Kumudini swapped the babies. Pavitra gets Aradhya home. Pradhyumna throws the vase and gets his anger out. He asks Pavitra to do Shuddi Karan of Aradhya. Kumudini drags Aryan and takes him with her. Aryan and Aradhya’s love story got a halt. After knowing Aryan is Devdaasi’s grandson, Pradhyumna throws Aryan out of the house. Aryan gets shocked and leaves with Kumudini. Aradhya holds Aryan’s hand and they go to the temple. Aryan and Aradhya get married again. This time, they marry by their mutual consent. They take the wedding rounds and the nuptial vows again.

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