Hanuman’s much-awaited meet with Sita in Siya Ke Ram


Raavan assures Mandodari that he will not marry Sita forcefully. he asks Mandodari to let Sita stay in Lanka. Mandodari succeeds to stop Raavan from doing bigger Adharm. Sugreev is crowned the king of Kishkindha.

Sita waits for Ram in Lanka. Hanuman reaches Sita and sings Ram katha. Sita gets restless and looks around. She thought its some Mayavi powers. Hanuman tells her few things which just Ram and Sita knew, and shared those moments together. Hanuman meets Sita and greets her. He tells her that Ram has sent him in search of her. He gives the ring to her to assure that he is really sent from Ram. He gives Ram’s message to Sita, that Ram would be arriving soon to save her. Sita happily cries.

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