Sultan-Salman to backup Chakor’s plan in Udaan


Chakor-Vivaan and Suraj-Tina dance in their sangeet function. Best couple dance competition starts when Tina was getting mehendi applied. There is a face off round between both the couples. Vivaan and Chakor dance on a romantic song Bolna mahi bolna…… Tina intentionally falls and gets out of the competition to please Imli. Tina gets a sprain in her feet, and tells Suraj that she can’t dance with him. Suraj then dances with Imli to win the competition. It was Chakor’s plan, to make Tina provoke Suraj to dance with anyone and make Chakor lose.

Salman Khan will be promoting his movie Sultan in the show Udaan. Sultan will be supporting Chakor in getting Imli married to Suraj. Suraj tells Chakor that he got to know her plans, and her game is over now. Chakor gets shocked. Imli is dressed as the bride and waits to get married to Suraj. Sultan encourages Chakor. Chakor tells Sultan about Imli’s life at risk, I feel I should not take this risk. Sultan asks her not to be afraid and trust herself. Salman and Anushka will be making an appearance in the show.

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