Tanu and Rishi’s separation twist in Kasam


Tanu is crying, and is getting away from Rishi. Rishi is worried and asks her what is she hiding. Rishi wipes her tears and tries to pacify her. Tanu does not tell him about his dad tying her in a promise.

Rishi’s love has turned into anger. Tanu has broke all relations with Rishi, as Rishi’s dad asks Tanu to stay away from Rishi and took a promise from her. Rishi’s dad wants to see Rishi getting married to Neha. Tanu is lost and keeps water bucket in the living room. Rishi walks seeing her and collides with the bucket. Rishi’s leg gets hurt and Tanu rushes to help him. Rishi reminds Tanu her words and asks her to be away. Rishi asks Neha to do the aid. Tanu gets jealous seeing them. Tanu gets ready for her sangeet and is worried for Rishi. Tanu wants to keep Rishi’s dad’s words. Pavan’s truth did not come out till now.

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