Ram’s epic Dharm-Yudh to mark Raavan’s end


Ram sends Angad to give the final peace proposal to Raavan. Raavan does not accept Ram’s peace request and decides to go for the war. Sita gets informed about Ram reaching Lanka. Laxman, Hanuman, Sugreev and many others accompany Ram to initiate Dharm in the evil Lanka by killing Raavan. Ram is going to free Sita from Raavan’s clutches. Ram has gone for the mega war between him and Raavan. Ram and entire Vanar sena reach Lanka battle ground. Raavan’s army is headed by Raavan being in his chariot.

Raavan laughs off at Ram, and does not know his death is close. Meghnadh too accompanies his father to do his duty. Hanuman blows the shank and initiates the battle between Ram and Raavan. Ram gives final chance to Raavan to back out. Raavan does not listen and has all his pride. Ram and Raavan strike the arrows at each other. Sita awaits Ram’s victory. Ram aims more arrows at Raavan, which overpowers Raavan’s magical tricks. Sita has full belief in Sita, and senses Ram close to her. Ram will be seen winning the epic battle of good versus evil and killing Adharmi Raavan.

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