Raja’s obsessed love disappoints Rani


Raja asks Rani to make his name’s tattooed on her hand. Rani agrees to him and goes to get tattoo made, but she fails to bear the pain. She makes the person stop making tattoo and just Raja’s initial R gets on her hand. Raja gets upset with her.

Rani tries to convince Raja. Raja is angry and makes Rani climb the ladder to paint the wall. Raja is jealous and hurt. He drags Rani and challenges her to paint the house. Rani says its risky to stand on height and paint the wall, but accepted the challenge. Rani would have got bones broken if Raja did not hold her in time. Raja loves Rani a lot. He is hurt and thinks Rani kept him away from his house for 10 years. He wants answers from Rani or her apology. Raja feels love for a moment and then turns angry. He throws Rani on the floor. Rani will not lose so soon and stands on the ladder again to paint the wall. Jeevan reaches there and helps her in wall painting. He also feeds lunch to Rani. Raja gets mad seeing him. Raja is eccentric and can’t see anyone touching Rani.

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