TellyReviews.com is a site intended to provide weekly reviews and updates of your favorite Television shows. We, the team at TellyReviews believes in only giving you original content, which makes our site different from other websites.

TellyReviews will be bountifully making its readers have a weekly dose of entertainment with the content they like to read. This site covers weekly updates of popular shows, spoiler posts on upcoming tracks, articles about your favorite Telly stars and general posts about reality shows. The site will gradually expand, be a part of this and be the first to view the latest posts. Instead of providing big bunch of posts, we believe to maintain standard and provide content based on reader’s feedback.

Since TellyReviews started last year in February (2014), the journey began of admiring actors/actresses, providing news of upcoming tracks and also some review posts. We came across many good shows in the process and adapted to new ways to bring the news on time and be apt in our format. We hope the site has gained a place in your bookmarks/page shortcuts and this is what we call our achievement. We request you all to leave any suggestions for improvement and thank you for your wonderful strengthening support.

32 comments on “About

  1. OMG..ji..Great work.I just dont understand how long you would have spent on entering all those datas.excellent.im serious.Keep up the hard work..i know that you deserve appreciation for it..actualy both the sisters deserve it.

  2. Congrats to both the sisters Amena Hasan and Hajera Hasan for creating new sense after viewing the tele serials some thing should come out for reviewing how was the performance and the characters played there roles its good .

    • hi, right now we haven’t thought about hiring but we have some plans for future in which hiring new staff is a top priority. We will keep our readers updated about it. best 🙂

    • hi sana, thanks for your interest to work with us. our expansion plans will take some time. keep reading & if you have any comments – improvements, posts, etc, then please let us know, best !

  3. thank you so much …. the most amazing site for whole bollywood fans who don’t know hindi well … very very thank you for whole your effort …. keep on for that amazing job

  4. Well i can say only.
    This is excatly what i am looking for because after a stressfull day i dont have a time to watch TV but with this website i am in easily touch with all my favourite shows & Dramas.
    Good work by both of you.

      • Hi
        Can i get the rating and the journey of madhubala? its summary??
        also I hav a doubt: does both f u work for dtb or any oder site?
        sometimes oder sites get WU b4 it gets posted in dtb??

      • Hi,
        sure, will look into your request abt Madhubala.
        As you might know DTB owners have set-up a replicate site tellyupdates (TU), so first they post our content there and then on DTB, they manage those details. We don’t work for any other site except them. Best!
        – Tellyreviews

  5. Dear star plus i only see one daily soap is mere angne mein i love urs daily soap and i find it worth watching pls i have a request make it for an hour as it was before why u shorten its time pls make it for an hour once again thank you as a viewer i request ur channel

  6. Hello are you on Leave ???? Missing your updates …. i keep checking daily but seems to be no update from April 25th…

    Please update Soon 🙂 🙂

  7. Hello there. I regularly read all your updates and I really appreciate your work. Thanks a lot for the effort you’re putting in. It’s a great help to many like me who can’t manage work, household chores and sit down to watch all the serials at the same time. Thanks a ton!
    I’ve noticed that there are no new updates from April 25th. Are you both alright? Please come back with your updates 🙂

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