TellyReviews celebrates International Women’s Day 2015; Poll – Youth Icon [Female] on Indian Telly

International Women's Day 2015

YOUTH ICON POLL RESULT: AJABDE [Rachana Parulkar], the Winner; Next Top 2 Winners: SANYUKTA [Harshita] and ISHITA [Divyanka]

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Punch in your choice for your Favorite show and Jodi on Star Plus

Star Plus - Star Parivaar Awards 2014 Favorite Jodi

Folks, the Star Plus Poll of Favorite show and Jodi is closed now, we congratulate all the poll Nominees and Winners. Just to shed some light on the statistical sample of votes, the total votes polled are in few thousands.

Earlier description about the poll:
Seeing your good response on the Star Plus Parivaar Awards post, we thought to bring this interesting poll for you. We know you all are huge fans of Star Plus shows. Its certain as they have so much high diversity to offer. You might have already voted for all the categories on the Star Plus website, but we want to know which show you like among all, we don’t want to limit this category by any number, so tell us which show has won your heart and which Jodi has made you feel that there is no one cute like them. You can leave a comment to tell us about the reason for your choice of the show and Jodi. We have the entries of all the shows, as we don’t want to miss out any, justifying all. You can select multiple too. Don’t limit yourself.

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Poll: What will be Ghuman’s fate post Kabir’s comeback?


Ghuman’s sins’ pot has got full and now she does have any door to escape. Saras and Kumud brought Kabir back to Ratnagiri. Ghuman’s plan to separate Danny and Kusum also failed. Now, Danny knowing the entire structure of her sins and having more chances of abandoning her, how will Ghuman win her son back? We think Danny will hate her. But Saras won’t be quiet and would definitely send her to jail. Will she get killed by Kabir or will she kill herself not able to bear the defeat she got by Saraswati’s son? Where will Ghuman have her stand now in their lives? There are many things that can shape up. Take a part in this poll and give your opinion. If you think of any other option not listed in poll, feel free to share it in comments!!

TellyReviews celebrating International Women’s Day

International Womens Day Vector

International Women’s Day is the day which is dedicated to every woman across the globe. We should cherish womanhood and be proud to be a woman. While people refer woman to be weaker sex and there is gender biasing in some areas, male chauvinism should not be supported. TellyReviews salutes women and encourages them to put forth their abilities and prove themselves in their areas of expertise. I also salute this year’s UN Theme on International Women’s Day: Equality for Women is Progress for All.

This poll is about the Best Female Youth Icon on Indian Telly. Vote for your favorite!!
Congratulations to Deepika Singh – Sandhya from Diya aur Baati Hum (DABH) for winning our Youth Icon (Female) poll.

Photo credit: Dry Icons, Flickr