Paro – Sanaya Irani and Mohit Sehgal’s Sweet Conversation on their love

Sanaya Irani

Sanaya Irani is seen giving an interview along with her boyfriend – Mohit Sehgal. Both speaks on their cuddling love story. She says that Mohit makes sure that she eats her food on time and also she gets the food from his home. She refers to him as his little mummy as he really takes care about her food. She says that when Mohit was working for Qubool Hai (as Haider) then they used to see more often.

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Mohini to be exposed for poisoning Rudra in Rangrasiya


Love was blooming between Rudra and Paro. The show had some romantic moments between them with Rudra kissing Paro. But here is the twist in the tale….. Mohini planned to kill Paro and made some laddoos with added poison instead sugar. She wanted to make Paro eat it, but it gets consumed by Rudra. Rudra faints eating it and Paro gets tensed. She rushes him to the hospital and comes to know from the doctor that he was poisoned. Paro is shocked and understands that someone in their family is unhappy with their happiness and togetherness and did this shameless act. Paro decides to find out the culprit who has risked Rudra’s life.

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Rudra’s fake affection for Paro to turn true in Rangrasiya


Rudra and Paro got married. We all know how!! In a drunken state…. Everyone in their family know the reason behind the marriage and Mohini makes sure Rudra acts well with Paro infront of the social welfare women. Those women come to see whether Rudra keeps Paro well or ill treats her. Rudra feels helpless and shows love for Paro infront of them. Paro too acts to support him, though she is in true love with him.

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Rudra and Paro’s love-hatred to be made public by Sumer in Rangrasiya


Rudra ill treats Paro as he can’t accept her love on any condition. He acts rude to her and distances himself from her. Paro gets a doll in his cupboard which reminds her that it is hers and she comes to know that she and Rudra has been childhood lovers. Her love now climbs a step up and she is more confident about Rudra. She approaches Rudra with the doll reminding him of their childhood love and how they are closed and connected.

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Rudra marries Paro with hatred in his heart in Rangrasiya

Rudra tells Paro that here is the Havan Kund and promises her the seven vows of marriage but with a change, that’s not keeping her trust and the eight vow he takes is he will never be hers. Paro is shocked as he fills the sindoor in her Maang. Will Paro make Rudra fall in love with her and end his hatred? Keep watching Rangrasiya.

Paro offers sindoor to Rudra in Colors’ Rangrasiya

Paro thinks of the red color of the sindoor and the color of her tears. She says but today this sindoor will change the color of my life. She offers the sindoor to Rudra to apply it to her. What’s in Paro’s mind? Does this mean Paro wants to marry Rudra? She now knows that Rudra is an honest man who can do anything to protect her, is this not love which she is feeling. Watch Rangrasiya on Colors!!

Rudra asks Paro to get out from his house, Paro refuses in Colors’ Rangrasiya, Promo

Angry Rudra asks Paro to get out from his house and takes her outside. Mohini smiles. Paro refuses to leave. She says, I did a lot of mistakes and your forgiveness is my penance. Mohini smiles. Paro sits on the ground and declares that she won’t go until you forgives me. Stay tuned to Paro and Rudra’s love story, Rangrasiya.