EVEREST – Anjali overcomes her father’s rejection, blame to pursue winning his Love against all Odds, starts 3rd November 2014

Anjali's Everest is to win father's love

Show’s Theme: Everybody has their individual EVEREST in Life which they try to conquer.

Few examples: a young boy wishes to play Cricket and represent India at the national level; a Cancer patient wants to defeat the illness and overcome it to have healthy life once again; a maid aspiring to send her daughter to a private international school; To be perfect in doing things; achieving every day with positive results, and many more. Whats Your Everest is a metaphor to highlight one’s biggest ambitions/dreams.

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Airlines – Har Udaan Ek Toofan 5th October 2014 Episode 7, Tulip Joshi and Yudhishtir, Star Plus – Written Update

Airlines new show - Ananya and Akash, Star Plus

The episode starts with news presenter on TV speaks about Mahima Singh’s death and informs that she died in Bangalore hotel and has jumped to death. Ananya’s younger sister is shocked to hear about Mahima Di’s death since she was the sister of her friend Megha. She then learns that Mahima was an airhostess with Inde Air the same airlines where Ananya works.

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