Heroes – The Fightback Files 15th July 2014 Channel [V] 32nd Episode Written Update

Heroes the Fightback Files Channel V Smita's fightback 15th July 2014

Smita comes back home and finds Patil at his home. He informs that she has left the job and asks whether he has done something wrong or she wants a higher pay. He speaks that she just left the job without thinking about him. After seeing this, Milind asks whether she has left the factory’s job. She informs him of joining another work which has higher pay so that she can return back the loan at the earliest.

Theme of the Episode : Fight Against Sexual Harassment; Don’t exploit and take undue advantage from a weaker and helpless person; Fight for your self-respect,right and justice Continue reading

Heroes – The Fightback Files 24th June 2014 Channel [V] 26th Episode Written Update

Heroes the fightback files Channel V Aparna's fightback

Recap: The story is of three youngster Aparna, Kavya, and Abhay. Aparna’s MMS video of changing her dress has been taken and distributed on the Internet and then became viral, thereby hurting her self-respect and dignity. The video was taken at the shop which she recently visited, and gets the support of store manager and goes through the logs of CCTV footage to find clues about the camera and the person running the racket.

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Heroes – The Fightback Files 23rd June 2014 Channel [V] 25th Episode Written Update

Heroes the fightback files Channel V

The story is about Aparna Mohan, a 20 year old girl who was studying Journalism in Pune away from her family, and she shares her experience of getting harassed and abused by someone who took a MMS video of her changing the dress at a clothing shop. She recalls on only hearing before about such MMS videos of girls being the victim but after seeing her own video, she couldn’t believe in the first go, and was short of answers.

Theme of the Episode: Fight Against Sexual Harassment; Fight against MMS Video Abuse and Offenders; Fight for your self-respect and dignity.

* Today’s episode will cover Part 1 of Aparna’s fightback story and tomorrow we will see the Part 2 (the final part). Continue reading