Pratap battles his inner hatred for Ajabde but continues to worry for Bijolia’s well-being

Ajabde (Baiji Lal) figures out that Pratap aka horse caretaker is a valiant fighter after seeing how he has saved Patta from Afghan soldiers. She informs Hansa Bai of knowing the commander (indirectly referring to Pratap) who will take part in Vidroh against Mewar and lead Bijolia’s army in the fight against Afghans.

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Pratap learns about Bijolia’s situation and Chittor’s negligence thanks to Ajabde’s trust on his intentions

Pratap in disguise of horse caretaker enters Bijolia thanks to Chakrapani’s antics of acting like a future reader (foretelling – Bhavishyavani) and Pandit (learned person). Continue reading

Ajabde and Pratap’s first Meetup Post-Leap – Defiant fighter vs. Principled country man

Pratap in disguise of a common man of Chittor helps Patta by giving a 6-course meal (including Laddoos) since he was hungry. Pratap speaks of going to Bijolia with Patta to participate in agitation against Mewar state but Patta declines citing not having trust on unknown people.

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Grown-up Ajabde misses Pratap dearly and yearns for his well-being in Post-leap Introduction

Pratap gets the flower herb for Dheer Bai and comes a bit late for Dusshera Puja celebrations at the temple. Jagmal speaks of the indifference being meted out at him by his mother Dheer Bai and suggests how come Pratap is favoured and respected much more by them.

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Grown-up Pratap shows vigor and keeps Mewar’s pride high in Post-Leap Introduction

Maharana Pratap - Ajabde and Pratap

Ajabde have gone to her maternal home with Mamrak ji and Maharani Jaivantabai have taken exile from worldly things and has become a hermit (Sanyasi). Jaivantabai have left the palace because of Rani Veerbai words who thought that she is snatching the king Maharana Udai singh away from her. It turns out that Veerbai have been influenced by Rani Dheer Bai to speak up against Jaivantabai.

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