Heroes – The Fightback Files 21st July 2014 Channel [V] 33rd Episode Written Update

Heroes the Fightback Files Channel V Harshini's fightback 21st July 2014

The story starts with girls finding Vandana in one of the closets of the school’s restroom with blood coming out from her body. She was in a semi-conscious state at that time and was bleeding and is helped by other girls and the school’s peon. Later, Harshini a teacher there, Vice-principal lady and the principal speak among themselves about Vandana. The principal informs that Vandana’s parents doesn’t not want to keep her in the same school and are also leaving the city to some another city.

Theme of the Episode: Fight Against Sexual Harassment; Fight for the Righteous thing; Fight for your Self-Respect and Dignity; Educate Students on important and timely subjects. Continue reading