Airlines – Har Udaan Ek Toofan 23rd November 2014 Episode 13, Tulip Joshi and Yudhishtir, Star Plus – Written Update

Airlines new show - Ananya and Akash and all, Star Plus

Recap: Ananya lands the plane safely after managing the engine fire failure crisis situation and employs shutting off the thrust pressure services to land the plane at the cost of tyres getting rupture. Rathod compliments Ananya on her intuitive understanding and crisis handling capability.

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Airlines – Har Udaan Ek Toofan 16th November 2014 Episode 12, Tulip Joshi and Yudhishtir, Star Plus – Written Update

Airlines new show - Ananya and Akash, Star Plus

Precap: Rohit Mafatlal makes an entry on the show in a flamboyant style with a security drill thereby exposing the vulnerabilities in airlines security. Rohit is the owner of INDE Airlines. Aakash rescues Ananya and Natasha from kidnappers who actually wanted to kidnap Rohit Mafatlal’s father.

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Ananya to steer Inde Airlines to safety from engine failure/fire; Aakash on the verge to unearth kidnapper’s real motives

Airlines new show - Ananya and Akash, Star Plus

Aakash has rescued Ananya and Natasha from kidnappers who actually wanted to kidnap Rohit Mafatlal’s father. The kidnappers learnt that Aakash is not just Captain but does possess classified information which links him with intelligence services.

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Dare 2 Dance with Akshay Kumar 28th September 2014 8th Episode, Prop Week on Life Ok – Written Snapshot

Dare 2 Dance Life Ok

Akshay Kumar (host, mentor) comes on a special two-wheeler Segway PT [a two-wheeled, self-balancing, battery-powered electric vehicle] while standing and a stick in his hand. He greets contestants on the Dare 2 Dance song. Akshay calls Segway as his favorite because its saves fuel, space, time and also leaves us from parking issues. He asks who will save the contestants from extreme dare. He informs about the prize and speaks about an exciting twist in the show later. Akshay speaks of the remaining 5 contestants will perform today.

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Shivani rushes unconscious Raghu to the hospital in Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se

Raghu participated in a shocking dangerous stunt ” Maut Ka Khel’ where in he put himself on fire and jumped in the swimming pool. Raghu takes part in the stunt to earned money for Govindji’s son operation. When Shivani comes to know about Raghu risking his life for Govindji’s son, she rushes to the Mela/Fair to stop Raghu. She blames herself as she refused to give money to Govindji. She thinks if anything happens to Raghu then she will die with shame. She calls Bella and informs her about Raghu going to do the fire act. Bella tries to stop Raghu but Raghu assures her that nothing can happen to him. Raghu tells her that he is helpless and he has to do the stunt anyhow as he took the money in advance. Bella feels miserable for her brother.

Shivani comes inside the Mela and is shocked to see Raghu on fire as he jumped in the swimming pool. Raghu’s family also witness the stunt and are shocked. Raghu gets unconscious while in the water, divers dive in and take him out. Shivani urges Raghu to open his eyes. She cries badly. Raghu is lying unconscious and wounded. She rushes him to the hospital. She holds herself guilty for Raghu’s condition. In the upcoming episodes, we will see Shivani taking care of Raghu. She will realize her hidden feelings for Raghu. Will she comes to know about Jazz, Mahima and Aunty’s manipulative minds? Stay tuned to watch some romantic moments between Raghu an Shivani.