Heroes – The Fightback Files 16th June 2014 Channel [V] 23rd Episode Written Update

Heroes the fightback files Channel V

The story is about Ramya a young girl who lives with her mother in Trivandrum and is set in 2012. She is seen sleeping in the night and then receives a call that her father has been arrested for alleged rape charge in Mumbai. Her parents are divorced and now she stays with her mother while her father used to work in Mumbai.

Theme of the Episode: Fight for your father’s Self-respect and prove his innocence from Alleged Sexual Harassment charges.
* The theme was not directly related to a women’s fightback for the abuse which used to be the core part of all Heroes episodes.

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Heroes – The Fightback Files Channel V 2nd March 2014 *2nd Episode* Written Update


Meghna, a 21-year-old graduate shares her story. She was passionate about fashion designing and loved travelling. She was going to Bangalore alone. She felt it was adventurous for her. She was nervous as she was alone, but was happy. She boarded the train and some guys came for the same train. Those three guys looked at her in a weird way. She was talking to her dad and those guys took away her trolley bag. A man says this is not her berth. She goes to another berth. The TT comes and she is asked to show her ID. She does not get it. The guys try to talk to her and teases her.

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