Heroes – The Fightback Files 8th July 2014 Channel [V] 30th Episode Written Update

Heroes the fightback files Channel V Freyan's fightback 8th July 2014

Recap/Preview: Freyan, a divorced women is being harassed to sell her appartment. She wishes to not sell it since she has the memories of her young daughter who died at very young age. She gets harassed from neighbor’s son Aditya and his mother Priya even has questioned her character, and starts to malign her name in the society. Sooner, Freyan finds herself alone and even the society people puts a notice advising people to not attend her dance classes and calls her husband stealer. Nobody wants to speak with her and only wants to harass more since only couple of weeks are left to the builder’s offer to buy the entire society at a very high price. The society’s people only intention is that she agrees to sell her appt so they will be much profitable with builder’s offer.

Theme of the Episode : Fight against Sexual Harassment (Physical or Mental); Fight for your self-respect and dignity; Respect single mothers or divorced women
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Ishq Kills 13th April 2014 *9th Episode* Star Plus Written Update

Ishq Kills 13th April Episode 9

The month of April and elections time. Dilip Yadav was a fake intelligence officer but very smart. He had affair with many women. Every relation stands on trust, but what about the relation based on only lies. Dilip and Rashmi’s life was such. A man is tortured in the intelligence cell. He calls Dilip and says the man died and told some people’s names. Dilip asks him to throw the dead body on highway and he will inform the police to pick it up. Dilip tells Saroj about it. Saroj says I can’t be alone, till when will this be. He says you married an intelligence officer, you have to understand. She says I m your wife, I need you. He says even I need you, but country needs me.

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