Yeh Hai Aashiqui 5th October 2014 Episode 70 starring Bhavna Chauhan and Ruslaan Mumtaz on Bindass – Written Update

Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 70 Starring Bhawna Chauhan and Ruslaan Mumtaz

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) starts the show and speaks who are in love face many problems and it is an old saying that families from different religions doesn’t give the permission to their children to love each other. He then speaks of his question, whether to do love, you need to take permission from your heart ? He suggests on not thinking in that way and welcomes all.

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Yeh Hai Aashiqui 31st August 2014 Episode 63 on Bindass, Ishika and Sandeep’s Love Story – Written Update

Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 63 Ishika and Sandeep love story, 31st August 2014

Sandeep is shown on his bike with his girlfriend Ishika and he listens to the song of Love you Thoda and speaks of driving fast since he doesn’t want to be behind and while driving his bike fast hits the stones hard which makes Ishika jump from his bike after the impact and she dies in his arms. He calls for help but there is nobody seen there on the road. Sandeep is being wakes up with that dream and he gets call from a friend asking him to come for a gathering.

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) speaks that to get a second chance is difficult but if its written in your destiny then you are bound to get a second chance. Today’s story is of Sandeep and Ishika. Let’s see their story.

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Heroes – The Fightback Files 9th June 2014 Channel [V] 21st Episode Written Update

Heroes the fightback files Channel V

The story starts with Deepika who comes with her family from her village Darbhanga to Mumbai city and received by her father’s childhood friend Ravi. Deepika feels shy when her parents speak about the friend’s son Sandeep. Deepika Srivatsav is a 19-years old girl and she speaks about her story going back by six months when she came to Mumbai from Darbhanga. She speaks that when she was just 7-years old, her marriage alliance with Sandeep (her father’s friend son) was arranged and since many years she haven’t seen or met him. Because of which she was excited to meet him, and wonders how does he look ? what is his work ? Will he like her ? All these questions were there in Deepika’s mind.

Theme of the Episode: Fight Against Sexual Harassment; Have your say – for a brighter future and choosing your life partner; Keep your self-respect intact within your family, and with yourself by respecting and honoring the dignity of all Women. Continue reading