Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Season 2 31st October 2014 Episode 10 starring Pooja Bhamrah & Gaurav Gurwani on Zing TV – Written Update

Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya - 31st October 2014 - Pooja Bhamrah & Gaurav Gurwani on Zing TV

Meiyang Chang (the host) speaks about college life and how a boy wants to impress and woo a girl and if he succeeds then he can get love otherwise the girl can become his friend. He welcomes all and today’s story is about Saurabh from Ghaziabad and Alisha from Delhi and they were studying in a college in Delhi. Let’s see their story set in a college.

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High dose of engaging drama to line up in Balika Vadhu




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Saurabh to come back to ruin Saachi’s life in Balika Vadhu – Promo

Balika Vadhu

While Vivek and Saachi were starting their new life together, Saurabh has some other plans. His mum meets him in jail and he asks her to bring Saachi home. He asks her to convince Vivek to come back by doing emotional blackmail. Saachi’s life was moving towards happiness but Saurabh plans to ruin Saachi’s life. He gets freed from jail and meets Saachi.

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Heroes – The Fightback Files 30th March 2014 Channel V *6th Episode* Written Update


Garima Vyas, a 21 year old medical student shares an incident which happened with her years ago, when she was 16 years old. She had a crush on a popular guy of her school. He was the school head. He was Saurabh. Her best friend was Surbhi, Saurabh’s sister. Saurabh gave her lift when she missed her bus. She was very happy being with him. She felt that was her luckiest moment ever. He brought icecreams for her and intezaar sa hai………. Kya hai na jaane…………… plays………….. They have a casual talk. He asks her do you have any boyfriend. She says ok. Adha ishq adha hai, adha hojaega…………. Plays………….. He drops her home.

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Saachi to fall in love with Vivek in Colors’ Balika Vadhu


Saanchi has raised her voice against the rape and got the accused punished. She is accepted by her family with open arms. She was a spoilt brat before but now realizes her mistakes and decides to change for good. She even visits the temple to seek God’s blessings and even helps a lady who blesses her for good life.

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Vivek Kabra brings out the truth in Saachi’s rape case in Colors’ Balika Vadhu


Saachi decides to kill herself to keep her family’s reputation safe from humiliation. She is about to cut her veins but Anandi’s strengthening words stops her. She decides to confront Saurabh. She goes to his house and sees him coming home after partying late night. Saurabh gets shocked to see her and asks her why did you come here? Saachi asks him to accept his crime. Saachi offers to take back the court case if he accepts his crime infront of her family as she wants to prove her innocence. Saurabh says, you looks good, but have no brain and laughs. He refuses to accept her request. He tells her that he will be released from the charges and she will be the one who have to suffer. Continue reading

Anandi and Saachi’s fight for justice.

Anandi and Saachi have initiated a war against rape. Anandi gives strength to Saachi and says you have to fight not only for yourself but for all the girls who have gone through the same pain. Judge sees the video of Saurabh’s raping Saachi. Sumeet interrogates Saurabh. Judge sees Saurabh’s DNA report. Anandi says, we have to fight this war with all our strength and win. Voiceover: will they get justice?

Saachi to be blamed in her rape case in Balika Vadhu


After Saachi broke the truth to everyone that it was Saurabh who molested her and made her MMS video, Ira gets much angry on Saachi for ruining their family name. Alok asks everyone to support Saachi. Anandi convinces everyone not to put Saachi in any emotional trauma by blaming her. Everyone start supporting Saachi and files the FIR against Saurabh. Saachi fights against Saurabh in the court. The judge asks Saurabh to undergo a DNA test. Saurabh comes to know about the lab and bribes the lab technician asking him to change the test reports. Everyone are shocked to know that the test results are negative. Vivek Kabra, Saurabh’s brother and his lawyer without making much efforts makes Saurabh prove innocent. Saurabh and his family are much happy.

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Saurabh’s mom confronts Saachi in Colors’ Balika Vadhu.


Balika Vadhu have once again pointing at the social issue. It is physical exploitation or per se rape of the girl Saachi by her boyfriend Saurabh. Saurabh take advantage of the girl after spiking her drink with a strong sedative. He captures the moment of lust in his mobile phone. Anandi reaches the place with Shiv and takes her to the hospital. Doctor confirms rape. Saurabh threatens Saachi to keep her mouth shut else he will leak the video of their intimacy to the public. Saachi gets scared. Anandi and her family support Saachi in the testing time.

Shiv files the case against Saurabh. Police arrests Saurabh on the charges of rape. Court case begins. Saurabh’s brother Vivek, an influential lawyer fights the case on Saurabh’s behalf. While another lawyer Sumeet Maheshwari represents Saachi’s case in the court. Vivek Kabra tries to malign Saachi’s reputation. He requests the judge to dismissed the case as Saachi has the habit of accusing the innocent men, first Dr. Jagya and then Saurabh.

After the court adjourned for the day, Saurabh’s mom taunts Saachi for framing her son whom she believes can’t do such a shameful crime. She confronts her and asks for her motive behind accusing him. She talks to her very badly. Saachi is shocked and doesn’t know what to say in defence. Anandi comes to her rescue and tells the ignorant lady about her son being the real accused of Saachi. She warns her not to speak badly with Saachi and the truth will be out soon. She says, let the court decide about the culprit. Saurabh is confident of his victory as he has bribed the lab technician for switching his DNA report. Will Anandi be able to prove Saurabh guilty? Stay tuned or read it here.

Court case starts against Saurabh in Colors’ Balika Vadhu.


Saachi gets shattered and goes into depression after being molested by her boyfriend Saurabh. Anandi tries to recover her from big shock of her life. She motivates her to fight against the injustice. She becomes her pillar of support and convinces all the family members to support Saachi. They file an FIR at the police station. Police arrests Saurabh on the charges of Saachi’s rape. Shiv, Anandi and Alok go to the lawyer Vivek Kabra and requests him to take Saachi’s case. He refuses to take the case as he is Saurabh’s elder brother and accuses Saachi.

Shiv gives him a warning not to utter a word against his sister. They go to another lawyer Sumeet Maheshwari who will take up the case. He asks the Inspector to get Saurabh blood sampling for DNA testing for further investigations. Saurabh makes a plan and bribes the technician at the lab to switch off his DNA report with other. He tells in the court that he didn’t do any crime and Saachi is lying. Anandi fight back at him and gives testimony against him. She determines to send him behind bars. Stay tuned to witness this sensitive issue.