The Mahabharat War ends with the rebirth of Uttara’s son Parikshit and Ashwatthama becoming a cursed immortal derelict

Krishna Mahabharat Star Plus

Brahmastra attacks Uttara’s womb
Krishna curses Ashwatthama by taking out his mental capacity and making him cursed immortal
Krishna revives the unborn child of Uttara in her womb and names him Parikshit(परिक्षित्)
– Parikshit because he already gave an exam (Pariksha in hindi) in mother’s womb
Krishna enlightens Draupadi on the necessity of war and informs about bright future
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Duryodhan finally dies after hearing Pandavas’ death; Krishna to save Uttara’s unborn son Parikshit in Mahabharat

Ashwatthama Mahabharat Star Plus
Duryodhan dies with relief after hearing Pandavas’s death from Ashwatthama
Ashwatthama invokes Brahmastra; Arjun made to invoke Brahmastra but withdraws
Krishna to be the savior for Uttara’s unborn baby (foetus), son Parikshit
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Bhishma – the Invincible Warrior prepares for his wishful death in Mahabharat

Bhishma Mahabharat

* Bhishma after Duryodhan’s insult inflicts severe damage to Pandavas army from the 3rd to 8th day of Mahabharat War while not consuming water, food and even without sleep.
* Krishna enlightens Bhishma on the 9th day about Dharm and the importance of decision making in one’s life.
* Bhishma decides to wishfully give up his life to Krishna and then requests Arjun to bring Shikhandini so as to give up weapons and die at her hands.
* Shikhandi (the male form of Shikhandini) to support Arjun in Bhishma’s killing; Bhishma to get his wishful death [Iccha-mrityu, in Sanskrit – Svecchamrityu] Continue reading

Krishna kills Kans and rescues his parents; Duryodhan to arrest Krishna while unmindful of its repercussions

Krishna Leela 1

After the Krishna Leela tales on bravery of Krishna like fighting Kaliya – seven-headed snake and lifting of Govardhan mountain, Prince Uttar and Draupadi’s 5 sons urge the Vidushak (clown) to tell them the tale of their uncle’s Krishna fight with Kans. Krishna has eventually killed Kans (king of Mathura) for all the ills he inflicted on the Yadav clan and even on his parents – Devika and Vasudev.

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Draupadi realizes that Abhimanyu and her 5 sons will die, and seeks to not have the War


After Abhimanyu’s entry in Virat’s Kingdom, Draupadi’s other 5 sons (Prativindhya, Sutasom, Sutakarma, Satanika and Shrudhasena) comes to meet her from Indraprastha. Pandavas are very happy to meet their sons. Both Ahimanyu and the 5 sons seek their mother Draupadi’s blessings. Draupadi sooner becomes anxious to know the fate of the war from Krishna because of the following reasons:

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Duryodhan adamant and defiant to fight Pandavas while allaying the legitimate fears of Gandhari

Duryodhan Mahabharat

Dhritrashtra has being informed by astrologer/philosopher Maharishi Jaimini on the fate of the war of Kauravas against Pandavas. Jaimini says that destruction is bound to happen, and Kauravas and the entire Kuru clan will be killed and destroyed as a result of the war with Pandavas to come victorious. Jaimini suggests that whoever is under the protection of God will be alive and others (Kauravas) who took interests in fortune, throne will face death. Moreover, Jaimini also cites examples of how Manu was saved when he got the protection of God. Upon hearing this, Dhritrashtra and Gandhari become restless and at the same time helpless. Both asks Jaimini for solution to avoid the carnage of Kauravas.

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