Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya 4 Episode 12 starring Nakul Sahdev, Shabham Pandey, Mohena Singh, with legendary Dharmendra, 3rd July 2015 on Zing TV – Promo

PTKK 4 - Harssh Rajput and Charu Mehra

The story is about Anurag and Himani who are childhood friends. Himani loves Anurag secretly and hides her feelings from him. Himani also sends him gifts time and again and this makes Anurag think of her as his secret admirer. Anurag is happy to have an admirer and isn’t aware of Himani as that person. Anurag’s uncle is aware of Himani’s feelings towards Anurag and asks her to open-up by donning the role of a Love Guru. Anurag at his end is in a relationship with Jhanvi who doesn’t hesitate to remind him on leaving even on small issues.

At first, Anurag decides to not let Jhanvi’s behavior affect him and even shares with Himani about his relationship. But, as time passes by, he begins to realize and asks to himself on whether Jhanvi loves him or not. To make matters more worse, Jhanvi decides to end relationship with Anurag since she is better off in other things. Anurag gets heartbroken with Jhanvi’s decision. He is also told by his uncle to not hurt others, which is a hint on how he couldn’t recognize Himani’s feelings. He goes on to take a drastic step in his life, but the question is, Will he realize Himani’s feelings of love in time before taking any drastic step ?

Anurag and Himani’s love story touches on the subject that we take our close ones for granted and many times couldn’t realize what they are upto: sincere feelings, love, affection and so forth. Stay tuned to PTKK this Friday @ 7 PM on Zing TV.

Info on Cast:
* Anurag’s Uncle is portrayed by legendary actor Dharmendra

* Anurag is portrayed by actor Nakul Sahdev
– Nakul worked with Bindass TV shows -Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 59 aired on 17th August 2014, and Ep-74 aired on 2nd November 2014; Love By Chance 28th Episode aired on 6th December 2014; and recent YHA Season 2, Ep 2 aired on 27th June 2015.
– Nakul’s Twitter page

* Himani is portrayed by actress Shabnam Pandey

* Jhanvi is portrayed by dancer & actress Mohena Singh
– Mohena is also a choreographer who worked in Colors TV’s Jhalak. Also worked in Channel V’s Dil Dosti Dance.


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