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This petite blog post is to convey a message to our readers about us [TellyReviews] being busy for some certain reasons. Thus, we would not be able to write Spoiler posts this week due to our non-availability. We will be back shortly and resume normal posting. Till then, we urge everyone to keep your trust on your site. Thanks much and Keep Tellyreviewing !!

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Hi Guys, we are really glad to see the response on EMA post, and moreover we are overwhelmed by the fact that our write up has succeeded to bring a smile on your faces. So, we got what we aimed for. We just wanted to pass on the massage to the makers, and we did. We are sure they have read this post and right now, might be thinking to keep the viewers happy. So, fingers crossed to see what happens next in the show. We saw many comments on the post today and we just got free of our other work, we will reply to your comments too. Its good to see when work is appreciated. There is lots of hard work required to please people, and we got some new followers on our site too, so it’s wonderful. The fact is after every dark and silent night, it’s a beautiful, fresh, lively and bright morning. So, on this note, Keep TellyReviewing, and believe this site is YOURS!!

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Hi all. Snapshot Reviews have been discontinued on Monday, 19th May 2014. We will be resuming it once we get free. Right now, we got much busy for some other work commitments. Time is not allowing us to serve you the best at this point, but it does not take ample time for time to change its track. On this note, TellyReviews requests all its readers not to lose faith in us and keep following the site. You can still catch the exclusive updates of shows like Halla Bol, Heroes, Ishq Kills, Yeh Hai Aashiqui, Mission Sapne, Star Verdict, Comedy Nights with Kapil, Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri etc. What we are within, is how we appear to you. You are our roots which can make our tree beautiful, strong and fruitful. No one can go far from their roots, hence we will be back in best possible form soon. Keep us green!! Keep TellyReviewing!!

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Stop Plagiarism

Hi all. This is to bring to your notice about a serious DMCA (copyright) issue popping up again which is not acceptable. We posted Iss Pyaar 2 article yesterday and soon the website punjabijunktion copied it immediately, along with hundreds of articles from our site. ( We have earlier also took a step to keep a stop on it, but it did not end permanently. They have started this copying trend again. Ishq Kills, Heroes, Mahabharat, IPKKND2, Saraswatichandra, YHM and many more. They blindly copy our post. Hardwork is being let down by such act. It takes lots of effort to write, that the readers get the right info and seeing others blindly copy, makes our efforts waste. This should be stopped. If this continues, then we will take appropriate further action (like contacting their hosting provider).

Such websites have no moral ethics to follow and do this just to earn more views by every way possible, by hook and crook, all done by unfair means. We have always maintained high ethical standards. We write less, but maintain the quality. We are in no hurry to gain more views by putting numerous useless articles, as other sites do. We believe in quality first. TellyReviews has always tried its best to bring fresh and genuine content, without copying!! This is our creative content by which we aim to serve people’s interest. We really don’t worry about stats, as user’s satisfaction matters to us more. We don’t have enough time to deal with this mess and so we urge the readers not to follow such sites. We request you to respect the first serving site!! Stop Plagiarism!! Keep TellyReviewing!!

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Hi guys, we are opening up a section of Snapshot of five top serials ruling on the TRP chart on our site. We will giving this every night after the shows airs on TV. This will be not spoilers, but a brief info of what happened today. As of now, we will be starting with Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Saraswatichandra, Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir, Tumhari Pakhi and Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon. It will be all in one article, so you won’t need to browse different pages. All content in one post by date!! We will slowly expand if you guys find it interesting. Hoping for your positive response!! Suggest any show you want to read about in Snapshot!!

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My Vote

Glad to vote today!! It is a good feeling when you are given an opportunity to cast your vote and claim your right. It is our right to vote and select our electoral candidate. We covered Satyamev Jayate as the show dealt with social causes which affect the society. The show gave the insight into elections and urged everyone to vote and not miss their rights. We, Indians are lucky to stay in a democratic country and every vote matters. Don’t lag behind, VOTE!!

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Hi guys, it’s long time we had a talk. So finally Satyamev Jayate ended and you will be missing the show from this Sunday. But we still have good shows on the weekend like Heroes and Ishq Kills. We hope your daily entertainment quotient is leveled up by our efforts. As I wrote before about our work at DTB, you all might also come across us on that site. We are thankful to all the readers for their constant hookup at TellyReviews, as the stats suggests us that we are rocking now.

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Hi everyone! Not finding time to write blogs these days. Our work at DTB has increased. Hence, we are not able to give full time to this site. But we promise it will still be refreshing. We serve DTB also and the time management is becoming somewhat tough. This site is dear to us as it is not from the pipeline but from the heart…. LOL!!

I have seen that other telly sites update weekly, like 5-10 articles on weekly basis including spoilers, reviews and everything. Our ratios are fairly high. We keep adding posts on a daily basis, and it has been a couple of days when we got really busy and posted less. But thanks to all, the stats are good. I just want to say that the data ingress will not be slow. Keep reading!! Keep TellyReviewing!!

Hajera Hasan @ 1.58 PM IST:

I had been delaying my post. Apologies!! Today I would like to state about our highest commenter on this website. You all might have noticed on the website and post pages. It is none other than Rainbow. I would like to thank Rainbow and our all readers for your constant support. It is the affection of you people that encourages me to write. I was to write at night, but as I came to know that people anticipate my blog, I thought to write it in morning this time.

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Hi guys, one important thing to tell everyone. Our content is being copied on many sites. Our exclusive updates of Satyamev Jayate, Koffee with Karan, Ishq Kills and Heroes – the Fightback Files among others are being copied on other sites. We are losing our readers because of this post theft. This is not a cool thing. It is shameful for them to do this, as they don’t have any hardworking writers. They want to get the crowd by simply posting someone’s else hardwork. It takes time and efforts to write an update. Nothing is dropping from the sky.

For example, just check this. These guys have copied line to line and also in full length. This is the limit and is not acceptable. No apologies, no regrets by them. Though we have warned them not to repeat this mistake, I don’t think they will keep up this hope. I request you guys to follow TellyReviews as we are the original creators of the content and we have the copyright. We have posted Ishq Kills written update just now, I think it will also be on many sites now. We will soon work on DMCA and copyright matters to strengthen our content and website. You are the reader and it is in your hands whom would you like to follow. Want original and quick updates? Find it only at TellyReviews!!

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Don’t underestimate the power of a common man. Yes, you heard it right. SRK’s day in my blog today. No, it is not his birthday today!! I am just sharing his line which became a hit with Chennai Express. It is true to much sense. A common man can do anything if he wills. Never think the dreams of a common man won’t come true. Big dreams indeed and the hardship behind it becomes a success story. Always live to learn as it glorifies your age. Think of the jungle and you as the lion. This is my line of attack.

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