Shivaye tries hard and fails to win over Anika


Shivay tries to make Anika admit that her honesty and self esteem can be bought for a price. He throws money on her and shows his attitude. Anika gets drenched in rain being on the way to her home. Shivay passes by and goes to taunt her. Anika has shown courage to accept his challenge. Shivay has destroyed everything in her life. Shivay has got her house, Sahil’s custody and her canteen contract too. He gives her a blank cheque and tries to buy her. Anika refuses to take his favor. He gets shocked to know that Anika would be using that thrown money to plan his wedding. He gets angry to lose out to Anika, as all of his plans fail. Anika gets a catering contract and works in the place where Shivay and Tia’s marriage is going to happen. Shivay reaches the place and comes across her.

On the other hand, Pinky goes to Jhanvi. She encourages Jhanvi to fight for her marriage amd not give up all the hope. Pinky promises Jhanvi that she would help her in making Shvetlana leave and save Jhanvi’s marriage. Pinky tries to bring her and Tej closer. Pinky’s efforts pay off well and she is happy to see Tej and Jhanvi together. Om, Rudra and Shivay are in disbelief of what they are seeing. Shivay’s marriage preparations with Tia begin in full swing. The brothers doubt on their parents’ happiness, whether they are genuinely helping out each other or have some ulterior motives.

Ishana is upset and worried to pay her dad’s loan. She tries to meet Omkara again. Rudra bumps into Soumya in college, but acts as if he does not recognize her. This upsets Soumya.

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