New twists with Shravani’s plannings in Krishnadasi


The society gives an incident a name of Lord’s justice. The ladies confront Kumudini. Shravani’s maang gets sindoor when she bends to take Lord’s blessings. The ladies say Shravani has become a Devdasi and this is Lord’s wish. Aryan does not accept this and asks what if opposite happens. He wipes the sindoor and fights with the villagers. Aryan supports Shravani, and this may create some problem between him and Aradhya. The ladies blame Aryan and get against him. Aryan says Shravani will stay in my house and I will take responsibility of her. The villagers have superstitions in their minds. Aradhya doubts someone knows about their families’ hatred and taking advantage of the bad equations. Aryan does not know Shravani is the backstabber. Shravani drinks wine with her goons, and keeps a good image infront of Aryan. Aryan and Aradhya together have to make things fine.

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