Koffee with Karan with Sonam and Anil Kapoor 30th March 2014 – Written Update

Koffee with Anil and Sonam Kapoor

Karan introduces father-daughter duo- Anil and Sonam Kapoor by saying: tremendous actor, movie star with great dignity, celluloid celebrity both nationally and internationally, and then says about Sonam – she is gorgeous, leading fashionsta, actress with 2 recent back to back hits referring to Raanjhana and Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, most glamorous father-daughter duo in the business.

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Koffee with Karan with Alia Bhatt and Parineeti Chopra 6th April 2014 – Written Update

KWK with Alia and Parineeti

Karan starts the show and introduces Parineeti Chopra by saying – unconventional, terrifically talented, popular last name – chopra, vivacious and extremely natural.

Parineeti comes with a big sigh and says finally she came. Karan says that he started the show 9 years ago, and she responds that she was around 16 yrs old when she first saw the show. Continue reading

Koffee with Karan Season 4: Zoya Akhtar and Rohit Shetty 23rd March 2014 Episode 17 Written Update



Karan introduces Zoya Akhtar by saying – daughter of legendary writer (Javed Akhtar), a sister of well known director/actor (Farhan Akhtar), 2 featured films that created cult status and a childhood friend who is also a movie buff.

Karan: How does she combats the perception of a filmmaker with legs, makeup, fashion? Have you ever used sexuality in a men’s film industry referring to Bollywood ?

Zoya: I am women and need to do makeup, etc, its normal. I never got unwanted attention and was recognized as Javed Akhtar’s daughter. It is a man’s world in any field so there is no reason to compare. Continue reading

Satyamev Jayate Season 2 23rd March 2014 Star Plus *4th Episode* Written Update



Aamir starts the show with a story. A man asks the servant to serve him 1 litre milk daily. The servant started mixing water in it and taking ¼ litre and having some share. The man came to know this and kept another servant. Both of them ditched him and mixed water and took ½ litre. The man came to know that even he is doing the same. He kept the third servant and he also did it. Same story repeated and four servants mixed water and did not give milk to the man. They together cheated the man and took away all 1 litre. People guess that the man is the public and the servants are the government.

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Koffee with Karan 9th March 2014 Written Update: Aditya Roy Kapur and Shraddha Kapoor



Karan welcomes the blockbuster movie Aashiqui stars Aditya Roy Kapur and Shraddha Kapoor. The movie broke the box office records and also broke a million hearts. Karan says this is your coffee debut, how does you feel. Aditya and Shraddha say that they wanted to be on the show since long.
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Koffee with Karan Season 4: Freida Pinto and Nargis Fakhri 2nd March 2014 Episode 14 Written Update



Karan welcomes the remarkable international face Freida Pinto. He says I m glad that you finally made it to my couch. Frieda says I m really very happy to have a chit chat with you.
Karan: Did you get lot of rejection in Hindi film fraternity?
Frieda: Not necessary. I was going to be one of the girls in Chak De India.
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Koffee with Karan 23rd February 2014: Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla



Karan starts with his line My couch always sizzles when I have two leading ladies together. His first guest is one of the finest actresses of her times, with amazing comic timing, the beautiful Juhi Chawla.
Karan: It took me eight years to bring you on this couch.
Juhi: I want to know why.
Karan: I made Madhuri and you come together today. You have been a celebrated movie star, are you happy with what you are today.
Juhi: Yes I am, but I won’t stop working, I will work till I drop dead.


Karan: Some of your fights have been legendary, your fight with Aamir Khan, you are his friend and some day one silly incident changed that. Whose ego was bigger?
Juhi: I think one day it went a little too far, on the sets of Ishq. The prank was played by Ajay too. He looks straight but is not. They both were bullying me together. It took it a bit badly and next day I did not go to work. Aamir really gone mad for that. We did not speak to each other for 4-5 years. Continue reading

Koffee with Karan 5th January 2014: Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone


Karan welcomes the sultry, sexy, exotic and talented Priyanka Chopra. Priyanka walks down the stairs and comes to Karan. Karan hugs and directs her to the couch.
Karan: I want to know where to swing on your whole sexual act. The Ram Chahe Leela song was a moving sex machine.
Priyanka: I don’t know, that song was Sanjay’s conception.
Karan: It is like you never tell you, I want to know is it all being fabulous travelling from Mumbai and LA.

Priyanka: It is extremely difficult.
Karan: Was there any fear of losing the movies here?
Priyanka: No, I have been fortunate to get amazing works.
Karan: Does it pinch you when you don’t get any award?
Priyanka: Barfi was very close to me, I told my dad that I am going to Filmfare, he said good luck. I called him and said I am not winning, why should I stay. He says because you are a sportsman, clap for someone else.
Karan welcomes the stunning performer, ravishing and one of the top actresses Deepika
Padukone. Deekipa enters and hugs Priyanka.
Karan: What happened last time on the couch, are you over with it?

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Koffee with Karan 16th February 2014: Abhishek Bachchan and Farah Khan

Karan welcomes the extremely affable and magnetic Abhishek Bachchan. Abhishek says what a nice set Karan, very tasteful. They get seated and start the witty conversation.
Karan: How does it feel to be back, you are here for the fifth time?
Abhishek: I’m a returned guest. Its wonderful.
Karan: Dhoom was a huge blockbuster and Bol Bachchan did well, you were exceptionally good in it. What’s your take on it?
Abhishek: Wow, its like Déjà vu. It teaches you a lot. It keeps you alert. You can never judge what the audience wants. Bol Bachchan did well, it fills you with great enthusiasm. Dhoom is about Uday Chopra and Abhishek Bachchan. It was great to work with Aamir.

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Koffee With Karan 19th January 2014: Akshay Kumar

Karan Johar welcomes the survivor superstar who have always made a mark with millions with fans – Akshay Kumar. Akshay enters and Karan hugs him and directs him to the couch. Karan says he is the man of the millions and with the millions, the man with amazing comic timing.


Karan: Why is it taking me so long to get you on this couch?
Akshay: Its very simple, when anyone comes on the show, you ask controversial questions, so nobody wants to be grilled and don’t want to answer anything stupid. I did not want to come on the show and meet you at my home. Why so much hassle? Its terrible. Its very bad to get into controversy. Why you want to do that? Continue reading

Koffee with Karan 1st December 2013: Salman Khan and Salim Khan

Koffee with Karan Season 4 starts with a bang with the most loved superstar Salman Khan. Salman enters the show saying Karan, your flush does not work. Karan asks what took you so much time to come on my show. Salman says I am kind of uncomfortable with the type of personal questions you ask.

Karan: What are you scared of that I will ask you?
Salman: Marriage and girlfriends, breakups.
Karan: That marriage angers you right.
Salman: When the right time comes, I will get married. I hope I am not wrong about it.
Karan: Do you want to get married?
Salman: I always come so close to marriage, but it never happens.
Karan: But once you were very close?
Salman: Yes, Sangeeta, the cards were also printed.
Karan: Then it not happened, why? Did she catch you?
Salman: Ya kind of.
Karan: Do you get caught often?
Salman: I don’t, I deny the whole thing, I lie these days. I am not the most correct person to be with. I never had a girlfriend in my entire life. I will save myself for my wife.

Karan: Are you saying you are a virgin?
Salman: I will get married and then will be the Suhaagraat. I had friends and did not ever…..
Karan: Did you not have pre-marital sex?
Salman: No, our culture is such.
Karan: Basically, you are declaring that you are a virgin, that you never had sex with a woman.
Salman: That’s what I am saying. People will be using this.


Karan: How does you manage to handle exes when you bump into them?
Salman: Some I ignore totally, I try to run away. I don’t want that thought of ex-boyfriend to come in their mind. I stay miles away.
Karan: Are you okay with your exes current boyfriend?
Salman: Yes, yes. Sometimes, I thank them.
Karan: Why for putting the girl out of your life?
Salman: No, for taking good care of them.
Karan: Do you like anyone in the industry, who do you find beautiful?
Salman: I like Deepika Padukone, she is working hard, she is dedicated and giving her best. Also, Sonakshi is very talented and beautiful. Aaliya Bhatt, the little baby, is also good.
Karan: You don’t want anyone beside you?
Salman: I sleep alone. How do you sleep?
Karan: I sleep with the pillow.

Karan: I visualize you, a virgin man sleeping alone in bed.
Karan: Are you worried and scared of your movies not working?
Salman: I m bloody worried about my films and myself these days. Today, I get scared of what people might think. Drinking, smoking and party went out of the window. The fear is of these things coming back. There is a phase of responsibility coming on. I am trying to keep the old Salman in me, that he never comes out, even though I like that guy, this guy is very boring, I get fed up of myself.
Karan: How would you rank yourself as an actor?
Salman: Everybody are hard working, I think I m a below average actor, I think Shahrukh is good in romantic scenes and Aamir, in his sincerity. Akshay Kumar is the only actor who has grown as an actor, his comic timing is at different level. Ranbir is damn good. Arjun, Imran, I think all these guys are superb.
If I go to some place where nobody knows me, no one will turn to see me.


Karan: What happened between you and Shahrukh, you made a gesture at Eid?
Salman: I saw him there and greeted him.
Karan: It was touted as a big war.
Salman: He had hurt me on something, he would have come and ended the talk, but he did not. I don’t know how it got out so fast. Then he came on your show and spoke about me. He passes by my home four to five times up and down, he would have come to my home but he did not.
Karan: Recently Katrina and Ranbir’s photo was leaked when she was away on holiday. You went on record and said it was true.
Salman: You should slap that fan if he takes your photo. The fan should ask for a photo first and then click.

Karan when asks Salman about Priyanka Chopra, Salman says I love Priyanka Chopra, she is a very dear friend of mine, she is phenomenal.

Karan starts the rocking rapid fire round with Salman.

Karan: Three things no one knows about you.
Salman: I m a great guy, great guy, great guy.
Karan: That you are good in bed. I just caught you blushing.
Karan: React in one word to: Marriage.
Salman: I want to get rewarded.
Karan: On screen kissing.
Salman: No fun.
Karan: If you woke up as Shahrukh?
Salman: I will wonder who went on Karan’s show today, is it Salman, why he? (Salman speaks in Shahrukh’s style!!)

Karan: Katrina Kaif?
Salman: Where’s Ranbir!!
Karan: What should the following do if not in industry? Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra.
Salman: Dancer, a good housewife.
Karan: A piece of advice you wish you got 10 years ago.
Salman: I got it 25 years ago, Kailash Surender Nath said Salman, stop wasting your time with your father’s money. Then I never partied.
Karan: At gun point, if you had to have a game counter with, who it will be.
Salman: Aisi koi koi gun bani hi nahi hai Karan. (There is no such gun made!) Else, you Karan.
Karan: The first actor’s name you think of when I tell the animal names. Tiger?
Salman: Aamir.
Karan: Puppy?
Salman: Ranbir.
Karan: Shark?
Salman: Shahrukh.

Karan: Prem or Chulbul Pandey? Your fav character.
Salman: Prem.
Karan: The best pick up line used on line.
Salman: Chaliye na bohot late hogaye, khana khalijiye. (Come, lets go and have food)
Karan: Or eat food and then come.
Salman: Karan needs a holiday.

Karan gives the hamper to Salman and asks him to give an acceptance speech. Salman says I am happy to receive this. Karan tells him about one special guest Salim Khan (Salman’s father).


Salim enters the show and hugs Salman and Karan.
Salim: Salman always had the projection. Now he has realized that he has to take his job very seriously, otherwise people will move forward and he will be left behind.
Salman: I realized that it came to me so easy that it can all go back easily.
Karan talks to Salim Khan about Helen and their family. The episode ends on Salman’s warm smile signing the coffee mug with his dad.

Koffee with Karan 9th February 2014: Anushka Sharma and Anurag Kashyap

Karan welcomes the spontaneous, extremely talented and superb actress Anushka Sharma. Anuskha walks in and hugs Karan. Karan says you are back on the couch Anushka. Anushka says ya right I am, I will be very sensible this time. Karan says lets talk some fun stuff.


Karan says a friend of yours recently claimed she is a friend of Deepika Padukone. Anushka says that was very funny. I don’t think Deepika is a friend, but we don’t talk ill about one another.

Karan: Now you are doing Zoya Akhtar’s film with Ranbir.
Anushka: Ya, we did two films back to back so people must have thought we were together.
Karan: Are you single and ready to mingle? Are you dating a cricketer? Virat Kohli?
Anushka: I am single. But not dating him.
Karan: You look smashing in that ad with him. The country will be happy if you date him.
Anushka: Are you match fixing?
Karan: Yes, I m match fixing between you and Virat.

Karan welcomes the film maker of the movie Bombay, Anurag Kashyap next on the show. He is the brand ambassador of alternate cinema. Anurag greets Anushka and Karan.

Karan: Anurag, this is your debut on this show. Why do you think our show was a mutual masturbation society.
Anurag: See the moment I entered, you said come. (Anushka laughs!!)
Anushka: Lots of virginity on this show.
Karan: I am a recycled virgin.
Karan: Do you think I call only my friends and praise them on my show, see I called Anushka too.
Anushka smirks.
Karan: He wrote awful articles about me, why you hated me Anurag.
Anurag: Because you took all awards from me. I saw one episode of this show and I saw you and your friends phrasing and praising each other.

Karan: Do you think there is any looking back or is it done?
Anurag: No, I am not done yet.
Karan: Do you think Anushka has a love life right now?
Anurag: She is full of love.
Anushka: If something is that serious in my life, then I would talk about it.
Karan: You and Katrina are the most talked about on our show. Are you friends with Arjun?
Anushka: I really like him, he is a great guy. I am from army background, I gel well with boys. I have comfort level with them. I can even watch a film with them sitting on the bed.
Karan: Sometimes the boys can get laid on.
Anushka: No, they can’t think so.
Karan: Anurag, there was so much about you and Huma Qureshi.
Anurag: People tend to believe it, she is just a good friend of mine.

Anushka: Some people will think why did Anurag and I have come together on this show.
Karan: All the newcomers would like to work with you, everyone are linked with you.
Anushka: I don’t react to rumours.
Karan: Why should you bother about the boys, when you have the team, India’s glory is in your hands Anushka. I think you would be making a great pair with Virat.
Anuskha: Its nothing like that.
Karan: Anurag is totally protecting you today.
Anushka: I am feeling naked today.
Karan: Come on, paint it yellow.

Karan: Maybe Anurag, I should propose to you. Are you getting nervous? We can go on a double date, Virat, Anushka, you and me.
Anushka goes towards the coffee.
Karan: It’s a great plan for double date, where should we go, CCI?
Anurag: I will get the camera, that’s the location I am not getting the permission of.
Karan: How can that be, you are with the first lady of cricket.
Karan: Who is your favorite cricketer Anushka?
Anushka: Virat Kohli.


The rapid fire round starts with Anushka.
Karan: An idea that changed your life?
Anuskha: Keep going.
Karan: What do you have that none of your competitors have?
Anushka: Perspective.
Karan: If you were to lose your memory, who would it be you wish to happily forget?
Anushka: I keep erasing people I don’t want to remember.
Karan: What would you do if you were stuck in a lift with Deepika and Ranveer?
Anushka: I will watch Ram Leela live.
Karan: How would you react if you woke up next to Kamaal R Khan?
Anushka: It is so disturbing, I will just ask him who are you Bhai.
Karan: Band Baaja Baaraat or Jab Tak Hai Jaan?
Anushka: Band Baaja Baaraat.
Karan: Well done Anushka, some level of diplomacy was there.

Karan then turns to Anurag for the rapid fire round.
Karan: Complete the sentence: Ram Gopal Verma is………..
Anurag: Ram Gopal Verma was, not is.
Karan: Censor board of India:
Anurag: A puppet.
Karan: Award ceremonies?
Anurag: False.
Karan: Which director’s license should be revoked?
Anurag: Raju Hirani and Dibakar Banerjee, I am jealous of them. They create an envy in me.
Karan: The silliest pick up line ever used on you?
Anurag: One girl walked up to me and said you have such understanding of women, I saw Metro so many times. I always wanted to meet you and work in your films.
Karan: If you woke up as Salman Khan?
Anurag: I would lose my virginity.
Karan: As Deepika Padukone?
Anurag: I would check on myself.
Karan: Please see Darsheel is doing on Calculations. (Looking at Anushka!!)

The rapid fire ends. Karan says well done Anurag, you made a good debut. Anushka says this is his debut, give him the hamper. Karan declares the winner. Anurag Kashyap is the winner of the rapid fire round. Anurag says I am curious to know what’s inside. Karan plays a coffee quiz with them. It is about Bollywood knowledge. Karan starts the quiz. Anushka wins the coffee quiz prize. Karan says congratulations, it was great fun having both of you. Make sure I win the debut award. He asks them to sign the coffee mugs as the shows goes towards the end.

Koffee with Karan 15th December 2013: Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao

Karan welcomes the quintessential game changer Aamir Khan on the show. Today Aamir is considered the stamp of success who created a Dhoom at the box office.


Karan: Are you stressed about Dhoom?
Aamir: Don’t remind me.
Karan: So we should not talk about Dhoom?
Aamir: Please don’t.
Karan: Why is it taking me so long to get you on this couch?
Aamir: I was uncomfortable before, but when I came to know about you, I like you, I heard a lot about you, so I am here.
Karan: I believe you are a game changer, some of your choices changed the Indian Cimena.

Aamir: Well, I had not intentions of changing the game. I knew Lagaan was an unusual film, I loved its script. I do a film because I love it. I follow my heart, I am not scared of failure. I don’t want to be think about the consequences.
Karan: You are not easily accessible. Is this really you?
Aamir: It is 13 years since I have done a live show. I follow what makes me happy. Dancing makes me uncomfortable.


Karan: Salman says you are the biggest star in the country.
Aamir: He is, not me. Salman is generous, kind and loving. Salman has star power, when he shakes his belt, everybody goes bananas. He is a generous guy.
Karan: You tried to patch up with Shahrukh.
Aamir: I did, I don’t like fights, life is short. I believe in forgiveness, I am not saying I am perfect, I am still working on it.

Karan: You married again, there has been two different stages in your life. Lets find out with Aamir’s life partner, a film maker Kiran Rao.
Kiran enters the show. Karan says meet your husband. Kiran says give me easy questions. Karan says is it easy to live with Aamir. Kiran says no, its difficult to live with a person who has a huge life around him.

Karan: When he married you, it was a tough time. ‘
Aamir: I never lived with anyone before, it was a complete change for me. It was difficult. Aamir was going through terrible time in his life. He was very fragile.
Karan: What about your fears of marrying to a movie star?
Kiran: I did not have those fears.
Aamir: I have a fear that I would lose her, I am always thinking is she still attracted to me, does she still love me…
Kiran: I would think who I am somewhere in this huge glamour world. I am kind of different.
Karan: You are really different.

Karan: Do you read the papers Aamir, the tabloids?
Aamir: I am usually the last person to get to know the news.
Aamir: Is Ranbir dating Katrina?
Karan: That’s the most overacting you did.
Karan: Ranbir is dating Deepika.
Aamir: Is he?
Kiran: Aamir was in Deepika’s room with 20 people. (Karan laughs!!)
Aamir: I feel happy when I see Ranbir’s work in Barfi.
Karan: How does Aamir feel with female attention?
Aamir: I love it.
Karan: Have you been hit on?
Aamir: Many times.

Karan: Lets see a video now. Imran talks about Aamir and his moments with him. He says Aamir is not a serious guy, he is hilarious, he is the life of a party, no actually he is not. Last year, Anushka called me. We were there and they were silent awkward moments. Anuskha started talking. Aamir joked with her and Anushka burst out laughing.
Aamir: Kiran has changed me, she has brightened the way I am. Her energy is infectious.
Karan: You, Salman and Shahrukh are born in the same year. It is strange. What is your vibe with Shahrukh.
Aamir: I think there is a genuine regard and respect for each other’s work and space.


Karan starts the rapid fire round with Kiran…
Karan: Three things about Aamir that no one knows?
Kiran: He has a eating disorder, he does avoid a bath, he does not wash his face. He has a really great sense of humor.
Karan: Hottest actor in Bollywood?
Kiran: Ranbir Kapoor.
Karan: A filmmaker who you consider to be the future of Bollywood.
Kiran: Arun Gandhi.

Karan: Fight for the hamper Aamir. The serious rumour you heard about yourself.
Aamir: That I got married to Preity Zinta.
Karan: Salman said you remind him of tiger, what does he remind you of.
Aamir: A Lion.
Karan: The sexiest actress of India today?
Aamir: Kangana Ranaut.
Karan: Rate yourself as a father, husband, actor and a director.
Aamir: Five on ten, mid level.
Karan: In bed?
Aamir: That you ask her, why are you asking me.
Karan: Let’s move on.
Aamir: In bed also, five on ten.
Kiran: More than five.
Karan: So basically you are an average person.
Karan: An idea that changed your life.
Aamir: My children.

Karan: That’s all the rapid fire round. The winner is Kiran. Aamir says I am happy I lost but I want to win the quiz round. The quiz about Bollywood’s trivia starts. Aamir wins the quiz. Madhuri, Sonali Bendre, Anushka, Kajol and Juhi speak about Aamir. The episode ends with Aamir and Kiran signing the coffee mugs.

Koffee with Karan 26th January 2014: Emraan Hashmi and Mahesh Bhatt

Yet another episode of your favorite super cool show Koffee with Karan starts with the witty and full of enthusiasm Karan Johar. He brings you the juicy bits of Bollywood’s stars. He welcomes the serial kisser of Bollywood, the low profile Emraan Hashmi. Emraan enters the show smiling and looking as dashing as ever. Karan hugs him and shows him the couch. Karan says its your first time on this show. Emraan says yes it is. Karan says are you aware of this show. Emraan says I did my homework, but I don’t know whats coming my way.

Karan: Your stardom is silent, we have never seen you at any party, your profile is low. Were you always like this as a person?

Emraan: I never wanted to be an actor, it was not my ambition, I don’t see Bollywood films, I went in couple of films parties, and I did not find anything connecting to me. I m glad that I don’t watch Bollywood films.

Karan: Is there a method you adapted how you kiss on screen? A director told me that you cracked a way to kiss in films, is it a craft to make a kiss look good?

Emraan: Practice makes it perfect, it started with Murder.

Karan: We hardly know about your wife, she is your high school sweetheart and you are the only husband who is allowed to do such films. We never see her, we don’t know how she looks at and how is her reaction to your kissing image.

Emraan: I made the mistake sitting next to her in preview theatre, they knew what the film had, my grandma was there too, she did not like the film. My wife was digging her nails in my hand that what have you done and this is not good.

Karan: Has she accepted the situation?

Emraan: No, now we have a deal, I take her for shopping, she swipes the card to certain numbers. I m not showing anything more on screen, no dropping towels, no butt tracks. This is as far as I can go.

Karan welcomes the next guest who is one of the most intelligent minds of Bollywood, the exceptionally bright Mahesh Bhatt. Mahesh Bhatt walks in and sits beside Emraan.

Karan: You are being blamed by this man to make him drop his towels and reach the sexual appeal heights, do you take this blame?

Emraan: His 40 crores flat is thanks to me, he should be greatful to me, we provided him everything.

Karan: It’s a distributor’s demand that we want to see Emraan Hashmi kiss. (Emraan laughs!!) He has to lip sync a sad song and kiss, it your life truly contrary, are you a good faithful husband?

Emraan: Yes, I am. My wife will be watching this show. Sometimes I protest on kissing scenes. The kiss gets bizarre when you don’t know the person.

Mahesh: They need to become conservative too, while there is a different section. He tries to unstitch himself. One day I was driving my car and I saw in an autorickshaw, there was his serial kisser image. When his films did not worked, I said go back to your core constituency, back to kissing.

Karan: Emraan you don’t meet anyone in the industry, you are saved from grief, did anyone say this is uncool.

Emraan: Most of my family says this guy is not good.

Mahesh: When we made Murder 2, I asked Mohit to make the kiss get out of the way soon, we made sure it was in first 10 mins. The theatre was ready with hoo haa and whistles.

Emraan: When I did not kiss, the audience said what happened to him, is he ill.

Karan: That’s ridiculous. If you made an erotic thriller with real sex scenes then what.

Mahesh: That’s not possible, we don’t have that space in our country with adult content.

Karan: Emraan is willing to explore that and be exploited.

Karan shows some sizzling photos of Emraan Hashmi on screen. Aaliya Bhatt says I remember that first time I saw the movie Footpath, I was watching Emraan and I did not know he was related to me. (Mahesh and Emraan laugh hearing this!!) Some photos of Mahesh with Aaliya are shown. Aaliya speaks about being the Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter tag. I was not embarrassed that my father makes A rated films. The video ends. Mahesh says she gave the feeling that she was right here with us.
Emraan says what she said was right. Mahesh is my Chacha and we met only thrice, as he was busy. Before I joined Mukesh Films, it was a party where we met for the first time in 34 years.

Emraan: There was a deal between us, after every successful film, I had to give him a gift. Money or any gadget, I had many hit films and he got 40 tablets from me.

Karan says now will be the rapid fire round, lets see how steamy it becomes. I m the jury who decides the winner. It has to be a tussle of words.

Karan starts with Mahesh first.
Karan asks one thing one you want to change about our industry.

Mahesh: The pathetic lust for the Oscars.

Karan: An idea that changed your life?

Mahesh: There is nothing like enlightenment.

Karan: React to the following in one word: Reality shows?
Mahesh: No reality at all.
Karan: Casting couch?
Mahesh: Reality.
Karan: Censor board?
Mahesh: Changing in India.
Karan: Remake and sequels?
Mahesh: Money making device.
Karan: Award ceremonies?
Mahesh: Illusion.
Karan: An overrated film and director?
Mahesh: Barfi and Sanjay Leela Bhansali.
Karan: One person who should not date Aaliya.
Mahesh: No one should date Aaliya, I will keep a lock on that.
Karan: Your favorite director?
Mahesh: Imtiyaz Ali.

Karan now turns to Emraan for the rapid fire round:

Karan: An idea that changed your life:
Emraan: His idea that I should kiss on screen.
Karan: If you could steal one thing from the following people, what would it be: Abhishek Bachchan?
Emraan: His wife.
Karan: Ranbir Kapoor? Emraan: His girlfriends.
Karan: Saif Ali Khan?
Emraan: His wife again.
Karan: Shahrukh khan?
Emraan: His house.
Karan: Your best on screen kiss with?
Emraan: In murder 2 with Jacqueline.
Karan: The worst one
Emraan: With Mallika Sherawat.
Karan: An actress you would to go on a date with?
Emraan: Katrina Kaif.
Karan: One thing you missed about being single?
EmraanL One night stand.
Karan: Have you hooked up at a public place?
Emraan: Yes I had.
Karan: The next director you would like to work with?
Emraan: Who made the 3 Idiots.

Karan says outstanding performances. Emraan and Mahesh crave for the hamper. The winner is Emraan Hashmi. Mahesh says I am heart broken. Karan says he took it away because of his immediateness. Mahesh was diplomatic. They then play a buzzer round where Karan questions like whats the full form of IAF. Mahesh says Indian Air Force while Emraan is busy thinking. Karan asks about some stars and asks about his latest film. It’s a tie and Karan says we need a tie breaker. Mahesh wins the round and gets a gift from Karan. Emraan says size does matter and laughs.

Mahesh says my gift is heavier than yours, do you want to change it. Emraan says thank you so much. Karan thanks both of them and says lots of love to you, sign the mug next to you. The episode ends with Koffee with Karan theme music playing in BG.

Koffee with Karan 2nd February 2014: Shahid Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha

The super cool Koffee with Karan set welcomes the audience to a sizzling chat with the sparkling and beautiful Sonakshi Sinha. K Jo welcomes her in the show. Sonakshi says I am little bit cautious this time, as last time I was linked up with Ranveer Singh as I praised him on this show. Karan says its lovely to see you in totally different light. Sonakshi says Lootera’s script was totally I was in love with. Karan says you have been given a good performance in Lootera, but you are not a size zero type of girl. She says I have lots of work right now, it’s a great feeling that young girls make me their inspiration, its nice.


Karan: Is there any conjunction about your personal life, who is Sonakshi Sinha dating, no one knows, you are really clever.

Sonakshi: My close friends are not from the industry, I don’t have time to date, when I have time I m with my family. I wanted to get married since I was 16 and wished to have two children, but its far off dream now.

Karan: Are you that Gharelu types?

Sonakshi: I think so. (We also think so about you!!)

Karan: How was it working with Shahid?

Sonakshi : Great, I did not know him before, but he thought I have an attitude problem and he did not send his hello to me.

Karan then welcomes Shahid who has been in the industry for ten years. Sonakshi and Karan hug Shahid. Shahid likes the couch. (LOL!!)

Karan: How does it feel to be without a girlfriend?

Shahid: Relieved….. (Common to every man!!)

Karan: Have you erased Priyanka and Kareena from your memory?

Shahid: Nope, but I have some bad memories which I wish to
forget. (Sonakshi laughs!!)

Karan: You had two solid exes. (Shahid blushes!!)

Shahid: , I have always been a committed boyfriend but now I m not eager to make any commitment.

Karan: What about sexual freedom? (Its family show Karan!!)

Shahid: It can be even there when I m with my girlfriend in any relationship?

Karan: Does that mean you can make up with anyone being in any relationship?

Shahid: No, not that way, there won’t be any restrictions if we are comfortable, it can be exciting.

Karan: Is your status clear with Aditya Chopra?

Shahid: He messaged me on the success of R Rajkumar, I was waiting for six months and it was getting delayed so I have to tell them I can’t wait further, it was a fantastic script but I could not do that film.

Karan: Have you ever wept at any corner seeing your flops?

Shahid: Its time when you have to tell yourself about the thicks. You have to believe in yourself, I m good at what I do. My focus is to make people I work with happy.

Karan: Where you relieved when you read about box office review of Rajkumar?

Shahid: I saw a message from my producer about the success and I got little emotional.

Shahid sleeps in Sonakshi’s lap and asks her not to spoil his hair. Karan laughs.

Karan: Is it true that men take longer. (Pun not intended!!)

Sonakshi and Shahid laughs falling on the couch.

Karan: Does he take longer than you Sonakshi? (Don’t think the odd!!)

Shahid: She reaches before I do. (LOL!!)

Sonakshi: Put him before the mirror and then see.


Shahid and Sonakshi pull their legs on the show. Karan says this is multiplex kind of show. This is a classy show, please be elegant. Shahid sings Ab karunga Gandi baat……. (the song from the movie R Rajkumar) Karan says Shahid has gone mad, lets change the topic.

Karan: How do you react to Karan crop of actors?

Sonakshi: I don’t follow them.

Karan: Do you know their films?

Sonakshi: Ya, kind of, Highway, Haider, Hasi to Phasi….

Shahid : She does not remember her own films.

Karan: What about your film Lootera?

Sonakshi: Such films are rare.

Shahid: She sometimes forgets with whom she is working.

Karan shows the rapid fire winning hamper. Sonakshi asks Karan to start with Shahid.

Karan: Comment about Ranveer about Kaminey:

Shahid: No way, he can’t be better than me.

Karan: If you were to write biographies about these actors what would you name it?

Ranbir Kapoor: Shahid says Besharam
Kareena Kapoor: Shahid says Kareena Kapoor A biography, that’s it.
Priyanka Chopra: Shahid says Alive, wired, decoded.
Saif Ali Khan: Shahid says The Natkhat Nawaab

Shahid jokes on Karan Johar.

Karan: If you wake up in the morning and find Sunny Leone on your bed, what would you do.

Shahid: The obvious…..!! (Not obvious for Karan, DWL!!)

Karan: What would be easier to give up, acting or sex?

Shahid: Acting. (Sonakshi: Really??)

Karan: Your first celebrity crush?

Shahid: Raveena Tandon.

Karan: Have you hooked up with your girlfriend at any public

Shahid: Numerous. (Shahid is one of a kind!!)

Karan now turns to Sonakshi for the rapid fire round

Karan: Shahid’s most irritating habit as a costar?

Sonakshi: Getting ready for long.

Karan shoots the questions on her and she hits back. (The answers were not so witty, so did not cover!!)

Sonakshi does not answer more well than Shahid. Shahid’s answers were more witty. Shahid wins the hamper. They then play a one on one game by Karan like to sing Yo Yo Honey Singh first. Sonakshi plays the buzzer and sings the song. Karan asks any last thoughts about Sonakshi? Shahid says she is my favourite co star and I would like her to do such films like Lootera.

Karan: What about Shahid?

Sonakshi says he has become one of his favourites, other being Akshay Kumar. Karan says I wish you both more power to you, sign the mug next to you. The show ends on a cheerful note.